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Fireplaces can become dated.
Or, they can be a clean slate waiting for a new and personalized look.

Are you tired of your existing river rock or brick fireplace?  Limestone  Stucco can be applied to existing fireplaces to completely update the look.  New homes can also benefit from the Limestone Stucco product.  Once again, the only limit here is your imagination. 

Here is a preview of some of the many fireplace projects we have done. Check back often for pictures of new projects.

This fireplace is in a new home. The client wanted something unique. The fireplace was framed and sheet rocked. This photo is before application of Limestone stucco.

The same fireplace after Limestone Stucco has been applied. It is easy to see the difference.

A few more examples of what our Limestone Stucco can do!

After our Limestone Stucco application!

Dated river rock fireplace with large hearth. Before.

Same river rock fireplace after application of Limestone Stucco.

Simple insert that needed personalization.

Same simple insert with character of its own with Limestone Stucco.

A new fireplace insert given a Southwestern look with Limestone Stucco.

This was a traditional brick fireplace that was designed to function in two rooms, unfortunately we did not have a before picture but you can see how the Limestone Stucco updated its look.

Other side of same fireplace.