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Limestone Stucco can be used to create a pattern for a floor in a variety of colors and is low maintenance.

Limestone Stucco counter tops can be done to have the look of concrete with a much lighter weight factor. Smooth or patterned textures are options as well as a variety of colors.

Like our Limestone Stucco fireplaces the look for floors and counter tops is limited to the imagination.

Limestone Stucco makes a great low maintenance floor covering.  When properly sealed, a simple wet mop will keep it clean.  Limestone Stucco floors can be applied indoors or outdoors, over slab floors or sub flooring. 

Limestone Stucco floor in a living room. This was originally a carpeted room over a slab floor. Carpet and padding were removed, and Limestone Stucco was applied over the concrete.

This is another view of the same Limestone Stucco floor. Several colors were applied and then the floor was sealed.

This Limestone Stucco floor was applied over sub flooring. Color, grout, and sealing have not yet been applied.

This is the same Limestone Stucco floor after the color, grout, and sealing have been applied.

This is an outdoor entryway that has been coated with Limestone Stucco.

This Limestone Stucco entryway was applied over aggregate stone pads.